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Journal e8johan's Journal: Gt Update

The basic parsing and automatic wrapping of GTK+ into C++ classes is ready for use. I've begun a rewrite of the basic Gt classes.

I begun this project by wrapping parts of GTK+ into Gt and designed a class hierarcy around this that gave me signals, slots and events. In order to get the GTK+ to Gt wrapping to work better, I've decided to rewrite these classes.

What do I offer? I have a GObject with safe pointers, automatic deletion of children, etc. Also, a handmade Gt widget serving as the base of the entire GTK+ class hierarcy.

The only main hurdles left are these:
  1. Get the basic classes to work perfectly (GObject, GSafePtr and GWidget).
  2. Get the automatic wrapping to work 100% (all GTK+ widgets will work without patching).
  3. Write a GPainter wrapper for GDK to make the porting of Qt/KDE widgets easy.

Then there is just one point left: get people to use it!

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Gt Update

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