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Journal http's Journal: DEBIAN SUX 455 -- Windows ME ROCKS 2

Now that I have your attention.

You would think that after all this time he would remember to Log OUT after being in session at my house but no, I go to log into my computer and there I am, HTTP. now as interesting and 'Freaky Friday vs. Strange Days' as it is to be HTTP for a day it is getting so much more difficult for a poor tortured soul such as mine to resist such temptations these opportune moments bring.

Especially since his sig. file is just sitting over there------------------------------------------->
MOCKING me. Actually calling out lamentations of wanting to be freed from its bonds, how it wants to be something more forward, more eye stopping, more mighty, more....!

"Heart-stopping?" I offer back to it.

"Yeah, something BRAVE!" it weeps back from its chained existence.

Oh I feel for it... just over there------------------------>
*yearning* to be something heart-stopping.

"How about 'DEBIAN IS FOR WIMPS...WINDOWS M.E. IS GOD!!!!!!!!!" I venture.

Even in its little tortured bonds it wriggles with excitement "with *nine* exclamation marks??" it can hardly contain its joy.

"Yes! More if you want them, even a whole paragraph more!" this sig. file, wriggling with joy, is only six inches away from where im typing. I can feel its yearning; I can feel its excitement.
Over there------------------------------------------------->


It's not fair. HTTP is tempting me, it's like he has set the whole thing up as an evil plot, snakelike, to get me ousted from Eden. (Ever notice the snake didn't get ousted?) I am trying to be good. But the temptation is getting greater and greater EACH TIME he does this... *Grrr*... this time I think I *will* resist.

I hear a small *weeping* 'noooooooo!!!' from about six inches over there------------------------------------>

THAT'S RIGHT MR MAN! I am NOT falling for your *EVIL* plot of destruction THIS TIME. Your EVIL TEMPTATIVE SLASHDOTIAN WILES have only *dented* the morally good 'it's the right thing to do' Wellford Brimlian armour im wearing today.


Perhaps I will still change his homepage to 'special offers' and sign him up for a few hundred newsletters on 'pricegrabber' while I'm here.... hey I said I was *trying* to be good, I'm not saying I'm successful 100% of the time. *GRIN*.


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DEBIAN SUX 455 -- Windows ME ROCKS

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  • ... is only six inches away ...

    Huh huh ... you said "6 inches". SNORT!!!

    Come on, change the .sig to something "interesting." I remember one guy at the place I used to work who was a real boxing fan, so I changed his email sig to "I love Alex Hilton" -Davey Hilton's (the boxer who was convicted of child molestation) brother- ... he didn't notice for almost a month. What made it really funny was he was cheating on his wife with some woman on-line ... and all of a sudden all his emails have this really g

    • yeah, I would, but i risk payback half the time, this time my laptop was lying on the floor of his bedroom and had I done anything really *nasty* I risked retaliation via logging into *MY* /. account and the whole thing spirals into the sort of ugly online "*SATAN vs GOD*" deathmatch you only see on pay-per-view.

      Then I would have had to unzip my clever disguise and reveal to the world how I am not so innocent but actually an evil gigeresque alien with a silicon exoskeleton;-concentrated-acid-for-blood; -

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