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Journal http's Journal: iTunes 8-ball 3

i recently read an introduction to the i ching by carl jung, so the workableness of this meme won out over the oddness of the methodology. (in plainer english, this looked so wild that i had to try it):

You put your itunes (or musicmatch, or winamp, etc) playlist on random, and ask one of the questions below. when you hit play, the song that comes up has your answer. sometimes you have to think about it a bit to figure it out, but it works 99.9% of the time. no cheating!"

these are my results:

1: how am i feeling today?
- the barbarian, by emerson, lake and palmer

2: what does my computer think of me?
- antarctica, by men without hats

3: how far will i go in life?
- garlands, by cocteau twins

4: will i have a happy life?
- face up, by new order

5: what do my friends really think of me?
- 5 8 6, by new order

6: what do strangers secretly think of me?
- tommy the cat, by primus

7: do my friends secretly lust after me?
- smooth operator, by sade

8: how can i make myself happy?
- view from the outside, by the lucy show

9: where will i get married?
- kooks, by david bowie

10: what is my best friend's theme song?
- tales of the future, by vangelis (bladerunner soundtrack)

11: what should i do with my life?
- burn, by the cure

12: why must life be so full of pain?
- (like a) sun rising through my garden, by matt johnson

13: what is the story of my life?
- do the empty house, by the comsat angels

14: what was high school like?
- lukey's boat, by great big sea

15: what is the best thing about me?
- musette & drums, by cocteau twins

16: how can i maximize my pleasure during sex?
- theme for great cities, by simple minds

17: will i ever have children?
- autosuggestion, by joy division

18: will i die happy?
- telegraph, by orchestral manouevers in the dark

19: can you give me some advice?
- muscle for brains, by gang of four

20: what is my best trait?
- stuck in the rain, by the payolas

21: what do you think happiness is?
- ivo, by cocteau twins

22: what's my favorite fetish?
- bread and wine, by peter gabriel

23: how does the world see me?
- time again for the golden sunset, by the the

24: how will i be remembered?
- troy, by sinead o'connor

25: are people secretly after me?
- passover, by joy division

26: what is my signature dancing song?
- alive and kicking, by simple minds

27: what do i think is my current theme song?
- architecture and morality, by orchestral manouevers in the dark

28: what do others think is my current theme song?
- scissors and the stone, by the comsat angels

29: what song will play at my funeral?
- if music could talk, by the clash

30: what song describes my parents?
- wolf in the breast, by cocteau twins

31: what song describes my grandparents?
- every little thing she does is magic, by the police

32: what type of women do i like?
- kind of a drag, by the buckinghams

33: what is my day going to be like?
- indiscipline, by king crimson

34: what is the weekend going to be like?
- disturbed, by peter gabriel

35: how is my life going?
- treason, by the teardrop explodes

36: what will be written on my tombstone?
- pictures at an exhibitions, by mussorgsky

just brilliant. `5 8 6'. that one made me crack up. PERFECT. plus, you get random sample of today's playlist.

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iTunes 8-ball

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *

    11: what should i do with my life?
    - burn, by the cure

    So when can we expect to start hearing about your pyromaniacal exploits in the news?

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