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Journal forged's Journal: Searching for family-oriented blog 3

I want to setup a blog for my family (got domain name already), but I can't decide between the various software packages available out there. I definitely don't want to run slash or other news-oriented software. Yet, the blog should obviously be presented in a sort of journal format in order to share family events with visitors and family members.

I need the blog to allow images upload, possibly organized in a photo-book ala Yahoo images, allowing photos to be sorted and handled by event. This is required IMHO to share family life moments through pictures.

The software should obviously allow members to register themselves (possibly with an admin approval step), and manage their personal details as a family and as individuals.

I am considering Moveable Type for the moment as my best choice, but I don't know if MT does all I need or want since I haven't had time to play with it yet. Anyone has experience with this ?

Has anyone heard of something else that fits my description ?

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Searching for family-oriented blog

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  • I looked around for a bit, then decided I might as well write one myself. J2EE. But I haven't had time to do much with it lately.
  • I gave up. My site was focused a little different anyway. Gallery is fantastic for the photos, however. Try for an example (and a link to the main site). Comments can be toggled on/off, so this may be a bonus?
  • by illsorted ( 12593 )
    I've heard very good things about MT, and from what I've seen it's great. I haven't had a chance to play with it much, but it installed like a breeze on my hosted domain.

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