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Journal 192939495969798999's Journal: 2007: The ultimate computer of the future predictions

It is 2007, and technology continues to advance at an amazing pace. But to what end? What would the ultimate computer of the future be capable of? Using the paradigm of today's PC's, I propose the following measures for determining that we have built an "ultimate computer":
1. Even with its throughput maxed out, it would take you a lifetime (~80 years) to fill the capacity alloted when you purchased the system (might not require local storage).
2. The computer can run all available applications simultaneously without a noticable performance impact.
3. The computer can run any application or access any data from over the internet at least as fast as it can access the information from any local media.
4. All your documents and information are available securely from any computer, regardless of which computer has actually stored them.
5. Any foreign document can open with a virtualization of the program it requires, with no delay, just as if the program were already installed.

More? Are these all a complete joke? With the availability of 37 Terabyte HDD's pending, I think the ultimate computer may be closer than we realize.

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2007: The ultimate computer of the future predictions

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