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Journal redhead-kitten's Journal: i really am far too easily amused 1

People have been wandering around my building at work measuring the windows and tapping on them for *months*. You would think that they would wait until the weather is a little more, well . . . dry before they replace them. But nooooo. It's the new year and we are getting new windows.

Tuesday they started replacing some of the windows, starting at the door and moving toward the bank machine. At first it was in the lobby, where the escalators going up to the bank branch are located. Before the wall with a locked door that leads into our office space.

After lunch yesterday, they started walking around tapping and looking at the next set of windows that needed to be replaced and someone finally thought to look *through* the window and noticed that there are two desks directly on the other side of the windows, one of which is mine.

Panic ensues.

They are now trying to figure out how they are going to proceed with the next stage of the project.

You see the way that they have to remove the glass in order to replace it is to remove the anchors and swing the pane *in* to the office space. There is only about 12 inches of space between the glass and the cubicle walls, which is not enough to manuever the HUGE panes out and the new panes in.

The glass company has been speaking to someone about the project, but no-one has thought to coordinate with our people in order to get the two cubicles moved. *sigh* My supervisor is trying to deal with the branch manager and the site coordinator to get our computer terminals moved temporarily while the windows are being replaced. (i'm being a pain, because i want to move *back* when the windows are done)

Ok, glass company can't replace the windows in the order that they set everything out, so they have to improvise. They bypass our windows and go beyond the bank machine to the emergency doors that need some panes replaced.

Today, the problem isn't resolved and to make matters worse, the branch has decreed that the window people CANNOT work on Friday or Monday, due to the fact that those are the busiest days for the branch. (Personally, i can't figure out why replacing the windows on the first floor would affect the workings of the branch that is located on the SECOND floor, but that's why I don't get paid the big bucks.)

The glass company, not wanting to waste any time, decided to replace some of the other windows. One was on the side of the escalators and caused much banging beyond our locked door.

The other window they replaced was one that is above the bank machine. This caused problems of its own, due to the fact that the door to the bank machine room is locked and alarmed. (when one unwitting maintenance person opened the door and heard the alarm and then quickly closed it, we had the police arrive since no-one was there to disarmed it)

Today the branch manager opened the door and disarmed the alarm and the glass guys proceeded to work on replacing the pane. This room is a mere 6 feet beyond my cubicle and with the door propped open, i could hear everything that was going on very clearly and with the open window it was *very* cold.

I did not envy these guys at all.

The pane of glass was very heavy and the bank machines were put in and the room enclosed AFTER the original windows were put in. So, there was a wall partially blocking one side of the pane, and the fact that they were working *over* the bank machine and night deposit box, about 5 feet off the ground and the pane turned out to be NOT SQUARE . . . lets just say that I was entertained for three hours this afternoon.

I must say that the workers were *very* easy on the eyes. And i took the opportunity to apologize if they heard me laughing, because i truly AM easily amused. After that, they smiled at me more and made a couple of comments simply for my benefit.

Knowing that my job will be ending March 31 and with all of the problems** leading up to the transition, this was definately a bright spot.



** Said problems include, but are not limited to: 1) learning a new computer system which has been in operation only 3 months and trying to adapt my processes to the new system. 2) my supervisor coming up to me yesterday to find out how long it would take me to train someone to do my job (8 days, estimated) *knowing* that the person i would be training will only have the job for a limited amount of time before the job is being transferred again to another location. 3) knowing that the people we are transferring our jobs to are *already* saying that if something goes wrong, they will just blame it on us saying that we didn't train them right. 4) My job ends in 59 days and they are *just now* talking about training. 5) et cetera, ad nauseum.

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i really am far too easily amused

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