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Journal octalc0de's Journal: Random Journal 5

I still can't metamoderate. :(

I'm just posting this so people can comment on anything they want. If they want to comment. *shrugs*

I'm doing a science fair experiment for this extracurricular program at my school. I'm basically doing OGG vs. MP3 in listening tests. Anyone got advice?

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Random Journal

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  • if it makes you feel any better, ill copy/paste my metamod page for you or something and let you do it and ill submit it or something.
    • sure! if you want to. It doesn't really matter much, but thanks! :)
      • I'll post this so you can at least get an idea as to what it looks like :) All of the formatting didn't make it, as that user posts can only use a crippled sub-set of html.


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        Re:Note to all slashdot readers
        by - on Tuesday November 12, @06:37PM (#4655195 []) Have you seen his wife? She would make Homer run away screaming.

        A few hours grace before the madness begins again. Original Discussion: Razor Type? []
        Rating: Flamebait.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] Re:first post!
        by - on Tuesday November 12, @06:20PM (#4655066 []) You have to ask the question though... Were the makers of Star Wars II even aware of this room? I wasn't, I also don't remember it from the film. But I can say that if I was going to have some grand library it would have looked like this one. It's what a lot of libraries look like and just the typical image of a grand library. The same goes for many other things. Just because you see a similarity in something doesn't mean there is, or that it copied it from something else. There are only so many original ideas in the world, everything else is a modification of an original idea. We go through life and bit things up from everywhere. If your the writer of something there is no way you could know if something you think of was truely something new to you or draw some some moment in your life. No one can remeber how every idea in their mind got there. The makers of Star wars very well could have just invisioned a library and this is what they got. Then someone around the world makes a connection and thinks they are making a rip off. There are so many things in the world. No one is aware of everything. Two people thinking of the same thing at the same time in the world happens all the time. Look at patent disputs. If enough people watched this film and tried to find similarities they would be able to say the makers ripped off the whole world. This goes for music , writtings, machines everything. There are only so many ways people are going to do things. and the good way have all probly been done. People make what people like so you get similarities, people arn't trying to rip people off or even aware of it. It just happens.

        Now if the producers said "yeah we got the idea from the long room" then there probably should be credit givin.

        people need to stop thinking everyone is just ripping other people off. It happens, you can't expect everyone to be aware of everything out there. your going to get copies.
        Original Discussion: Jedi Archives In Dublin Library? []
        Rating: Insightful.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] Correction:
        by - on Tuesday November 12, @06:40PM (#4655224 []) That should be nsa.GOV, not nsa.MIL.
        - I know everything, I just can't remember it all at once. Original Discussion: NSA Approves First 802.11b Product for Secret Data []
        Rating: Informative.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] is...
        by - on Tuesday November 12, @07:25PM (#4655569 [])


        The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. -Albert Einstein Original Discussion: NSA Approves First 802.11b Product for Secret Data []
        Rating: Informative.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] NCSU
        by - on Thursday November 14, @10:29AM (#4668407 []) North Carolina State University offers a "Distance Education" program that is taught via videotape and online. They offer a Master of Computer Science program, both with and without a thesis (specialized or general programs).

        See for details.

        // Alan Porter Original Discussion: Searching for a Master's Degree On or Offline? []
        Rating: Informative.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] why
        by - on Thursday November 14, @01:11PM (#4669966 []) does slashdot endorse and advertise papers by

        stupidity loves company, i guess


        Original Discussion: The Law of Leaky Abstractions []
        Rating: Troll.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] Re:102 Features IE doesn't have
        by - on Thursday November 14, @01:05PM (#4669887 []) Not really. E-mail is Outlook's domain. Not IE. I think that list of 101 things [] [] is a great way to show the power and flexibility over IE, but some of them are just filler. For example:

        • 98. Supports IRC Protocol - This is something I don't even use. This is just another program which should be separate but isn't and gives rise to the "mozilla is bloated" argument.
        • 99. Open Source - Yeah, but good luck sifting through it ;)
        • 100. Bugzilla - OK, lots of people use this, but Bugzilla != Mozilla. So it's not like Mozilla has built-in Bugzilla features... This is unrelated to the list.
        • 101. Giant Lizards are Cool - 'Nuff said.

        So, that brings it down to, what, 97? Still a pretty good list. However, I've heard that popup blockers and tabbed browsing are making their way into IE (and MS employees can already use these features), but we'll see if they're actually integrated.
        Original Discussion: Mozilla Adding Spam Filters []
        Rating: Interesting.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] This is a great feature
        by - on Friday November 15, @10:05PM (#4683120 []) As much as I am really rooting for AMD, I must say that I wish the Athlon's had this feature. The average user is not going to notice a big difference right now because most applications have been so optimized for single processor computers that they perform poorly on SMP computers. The big thing that hyperthreading is going to do is allow for more registers on the X86 architecture w/o changing the instruction set at all. This is the big enhancement and why I am so excited about it.
        Original Discussion: Who Will Benefit From Hyper-Threading? []
        Rating: Interesting.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] Re:Available in OGG format?
        by - on Friday November 15, @05:42AM (#4675872 []) Although the beeb insists on using Real for 99% of it's audio and video these days, the geezers in the background tested ogg vorbis [] [] a while back. It was a great trial IMHO and had some good content. It was a shame when they stopped the streams, but now, with the legal issues resolved, they're planning on bringing them back up. This could bode well, especially with the increase in streaming content from the beeb.
        Original Discussion: Douglas Adams Written Dr. Who Episode Goes Into Production []
        Rating: Informative.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context [] Re:Swiss army knife?!
        by - on Saturday November 16, @05:22PM (#4687445 []) You may be interested in this thread, in which Jim Thompson (a real smart guy you've probably never heard of) explains his difficulties in fitting a tiny perl onto linux device with a small amount of flash space, for the purposes of running NoCatAuth. Jim lists all the files on his setup, and you can see how much bloated crap came along with perl. l/000003.html [] []
        Original Discussion: The Swiss Army Knife of Linux? []
        Rating: Interesting.
        This rating is Unfair Fair&nbsp| See Context []

  • Are you still doing the mp3 vs ogg science fair project?

    As a joke you could play the ogg music first, and play nothing for the mp3 version and when they say they hear nothing, tell them because the school wouldnt pay for a licenced codec, and that you couldn't encode your own non-proprietary sounds.
    • heh heh heh. that sounds like an idea. but i'm getting judged on this, and i hope to make it to the state fair. it's not a good impression on the judges when I say I only have one set of data, the control ;)

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