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Finally a purpose for the intraweb

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  • I can finally leave the house again without the fear of being Cracker Barrel'less. :-D

    Every time you think you've hit bottom on this Intar-Web thang someone charges past you with a shovel.
    • ...I tried a route from my parents' home in Minnesota to my brother's in Virginia, and it does not appear to change the route to go closer to additional Cracker Barrel stores. ;-)

      I had been imagining something like that MSN map glitch a couple years ago, where someone driving from IIRC Durham to London was routed via Scandinavia. (I don't remember the exact details, but it was something like that.)

      Sort of like, hey, there's a Cracker Barrel in Kentucky only 200 miles from the direct route! Let's send h

    • by RevMike ( 632002 )
      Every time you think you've hit bottom on this Intar-Web thang someone charges past you with a shovel.

      Your response makes me think that you thought I was being sarcastic. I was engaging in a little bit of hyperbole, but this is a really cool tool. I'm embarking today, in fact, on a 1100 mile, 22 hour drive to Orlando, FL. This tool allows me to better plan my stops. I can, at a glance, figure out whether to stop for a meal now, or push another 75 miles.

      • Really it's not the worst thing out there and could be a tad useful. It's probably just a refinement of the way you can mark things on Mapquest maps too.

        Just think how anonymous the Donner family would have been if they had a rest stop map before they set off on their road trip. :-D
  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    i want some of those biscuits and gravy now... i love that heart attack on a plate!

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