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Eat eat you're so thin

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  • is how the game, "Kill the waif," was invented. That's why the "waif" stands in the middle and pretends to swoon, while the rest of us then play angry commuters who chase her as soon as she "wakes" and says, "i'm hungry." And the first one to reach her gets to be the waif next turn.

    Isn't it amazing where all these old games come from? Coming up next on the Children's Hour, "Gasman's Toll" and its origins in the 2009 petrol crisis.
    • I'm guessing the games Dragon the Destroyer and Ethelred Of The Hill came about in 2008 after the Ethelred-Dragon party took power?
      • Ethelred of the Hill would be just people running up the hill and glancing off my impenetrable armor as I laugh at them haughtily and crush them under my boot.

        Sounds like fun.



    • by turg ( 19864 ) *
      That's why the "waif" stands in the middle and pretends to swoon

      Sounds like ring around the dozy.

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