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Journal biohazard99's Journal: How to turn the Bengals around...

I shot off my mouth a couple of weeks ago about being able to turn the Bengals around in 5 years, so I'm going to back it up.
  1. Front Office:
    • Take the offer to move to LA, players will like LA a lot better than Cinci.
    • Get a player personel guy who knows what he is doing, Tuna would be a great choice, but Perhaps Coach LeBeau could handle it
  2. Coaching:
    • Dick LeBeau is a good guy with a shitty team, simialr to Dave McGinnis in AZ, too much bad Karma for him to stay at coach.
    • Charlie Weis (NE Off Coord) and Lovie Edwards (St. Lou Def Coord), with Lovie as the head man should do the trick at the head post.
  3. QB:
    • Do not, I repeat do not draft Dorsey, Rix, Senneca Wallace, Byron Leftwich or Grossman.
    • I say pick up Dave Ragone from Louisville or Casey Classen from TN, prefferably Clausen (That hurts, I'm a KY fan but they are the best shots at turning things around
    • Get Kent Graham or Mark Brunell as a backup
  4. HB:
    • Dillon is fine, pay him what he wants
    • Good stable of backs this year and next to draft from, Artoose Pinner from UK is the next Mo Williams (from UK) great backup who is good for 600 yds and 20 catches a season, and is availabile this year, allowing an extra first round pick next year.
  5. FB:
    • Tough call, either of those monsters at Penn State (FB and TB are huge, take the HB, he has better hands)
  6. TE:
    • Get one of the Pats TE, they have one too many on their roster at this time
  7. WR:
    • Warrick is great, give him what he wants
    • Try to get one/two of Cleveland's WR
    • Try to get the rights to Gasden, he hates Miami now
  8. OL:
    • Get Munuoz's kid for good karma
    • Shop the usual hot spots, ND, Penn State, Michigan, Nebraska
    • Remember intellegence is very important in OL players, stay away from partial qualifiers, hit Research I and Ivy League schools
  9. DL:
    • Faster DE's, there is no way to win a size matchup against a 370Lb offensive tackle, beat him with speed and smarts, plus it allows Zone blitzing matchups
    • Monster DT's, Ray Lewis doesn't look quite as impressive without Sam Adams and Goose does he, but Urlacher looks like a genius when his are healthy. South Carolina and Arkansas have goods ones, Miami isn't bad either
  10. LB's
    • Good core already, I just have one request
    • Derrick Brooks, has to cause O coordinators nightmares, can cover possession receivers or stuff the run, you never know where he is on the field.
  11. DB's
    • Two words: Notre Dame
    • Two more: Miami Reloaded
  12. Special teams:
    • Punter Glen Pakulak at KY
    • KR/PR Derrick Abney at KY
  13. General rules
    • Avoid thugs, difficult, but you don't want a Randy Moss, it destroys teams
    • Make sure your players are smart, the NYG give players a pretty good psych exam and test prior to signing, lets them make decisions between close matchups
    • Pick players with some ties to Cinci/North KY until the move, it draws fans, people drive to Cleveland to watch Couch play, make them stop at Cinci

Your comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated

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How to turn the Bengals around...

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