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Journal SiliconJesus's Journal: [M,MWH,&I] Sick for X-mas and latest sonogram 3

The entire family's been sick for a few weeks now. It started with my son getting moderate to high temperatures (101.9 range) and a hacking cough. We treated him with the Motrin / Tylenol 1-2 punch and got the fever down, but it kept coming back. Doctor prescribed an antibiotic amoxicillin to help fight his congestion, but my wife, in caring for him, caught it. Being pregnant, she can't take anywhere near the amount of medications that the rest of us can, so she's stuck with this low dosage antibiotic. Thankfully, she took the week off from work, unfortunately, the cough has turned into bronchitis. To add to it, this morning, she woke up at 4AM with her eye glued shut. Pink eye. Great. Merry F*cking Christmas.

On the other news front, we got another sonogram yesterday. Both were about the same size, and had 'estimated due dates' (due to sizes etc) within 2 days of their previously planned due date (March 21). We expect they'll go earlier due to overcrowding, but they're the size of normal singletons of their age, which is awesome.

As some of you may remember, when we had the initial sonogram, baby A wasn't cooperating with sex determination. This time we got a good look, and its going to be two more boys! We're thinking of Alexander (Xander) and Xavier for their names right now. Our eldest is Zachary, so there's a bit of onomatopoeia going. Middle names are being discussed, but my wife wants to do William and George (honoring two of our grandfathers). My son's middle name is my father's first name, so there's a reason behind that as well.

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[M,MWH,&I] Sick for X-mas and latest sonogram

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  • I'm in a family with Joseph, Jason, and Joshua... mom had a hard time yelling at us because of this...

    We expect they'll go earlier due to overcrowding, but they're the size of normal singletons of their age, which is awesome.

    Holy shit! Your kids have static variables of themselves inside of them, and you can't create them due to a private constructor?!?!?
  • OK, maybe TMI, but maybe not. If your wife's lactating at all, she can express some breastmilk onto a Q-tip and then rub it around the rim of her eye. It's got anti-bacterial properties, it's natural, it's organic, it's from her own body... And damn if it doesn't work!

    It's also good for putting on cuts & scrapes AND (also using the wet Q-tip method) for helping get rid of ear infections.

    I am sorry that y'all are sick -- Christmas with colds just aren't quite as merry. And your wife *definitely* has
  • Alliteration.

    Anyway, sorry you all are feeling so crappy. :^(

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