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Journal artson's Journal: DMOZ Is Up

Well, today DMOZ opened for regular folks like me to edit. I've been doing exactly that and enjoyed myself immensely. It's amazing how many websites have accumulated in my "to be added" list in the two months that the server has been down.

I'll have to update my browser now that I'm editing again. Actually, I use the same browser, but with a different profile for editing. The bookmarks are totally focussed on DMOZ and the extensions I use while editing are not the same as the ones I use for normal browsing.

To all the SEO types who were dancing around the fire in glee that DMOZ seemed hopelessly lost, may you all kiss my Royal Canadian.

It is easy to forget what a great bunch of people my fellow DMOZ editors are. I am very happy to be working with them again.

Happy days.

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