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Journal mrgrey's Journal: Knoppix 3

I downloaded Knoppix yesterday. I had read up on it some time ago, but just recently got the gumption to get it (mostly because I just got a 48x burner in my box at work). So I start downloading the ISO and 15 minutes later have a copy of knoppix on CD. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was far beyond my wildest expectations.

I plopped the CD in the drive and turned my box on. My feeble Pentium II 400 came to life and the CD-ROM started spinning. Up jumps the boot screen for knoppix. One touch of the [enter] key and I was on my way. Knoppix takes over and starts autoconfiguring everything, then zip, bang, and KDE 3 is up and running. Impressed I am with the way KDE runs, yes.[end Yoda]

Knoppix comes with a plethera of software (1700MB worth, on one CD). OpenOffice, xmms, gaim, mozilla, and even a terminal server that allows PXE enabled machines to boot from the network.

All physical drives are auto-mounted in read and have links on the desktop. The network utilities are great and I especially like nessuss (sp).

This was my first taste of the Debian distro and I was quite impressed. If you have the time check this out. I'm gonna have a copy with me from now on.


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  • I'm trying to get used to Knoppix, but I can't change the screen resolution from 480x640. Were you stuck at that resolution? If so, how did you change it?
    • Hmmm.... I wasn't stuck in 640x480. It sounds like it may be your video card. What kind do you have? There is a keyboard command if you have other resolutions specified in X Configuration file (knoppix does that for you). The keys are

      CONTROL + ALT + "+" to go up
      CONTROL + ALT + "-" to go down

      hope that helps....
      • I have integrated video, so it probably didn't detect my driver. But I'm getting a new motherboard and video card soon, so I'll retry then.

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