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Journal SPAM: Recurrence To Conservatism 5

The last election for the member of the House of Representative (Lower House) was fought in a sigle issue -whether we privatise the Post, overwhelming majority voted for the privatisation including me. Japanese people were fanatic without thinking about the consequencies seriously. Then gigantic ruling party appeared. Now former premier was gone. At the beginning of new prime minister, many laws were through the Diet. Corporation tax is cut, income tax is up. Consumption tax will be raised drastically in a few years. Walfare is cut. Defence Agency becomes the Ministry of Defence, the fundamental law of education is changed, which become more conservative than before.

Furthermore the constitution will be changed. The article No.9-2 that declares the abandonment of war will be changed particularly. Japan will be able to hold military. Japan's self defence force will be Japanese Army again.

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Recurrence To Conservatism

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  • But it seems to me that with the balance of power changing and historical problems between China, the Koreas, Vietnam, and Japan- that Japan returning to having a miltary isn't entirely a bad thing.
    • by mercedo ( 822671 ) *
      If they are really independent, they ought to have a military. Japan's pacifist constitution declares not to hold any weapons except for pure defence purposes. I think this has been worked well in the process of reconstruction after the war. They could only concentrate on economy. The problem of Japan's having a military is they might start using it for real invasion. America was really afaid of Japan's remilitalising after the war. Therefore America shackled Japan by imposing this article. It might be natu
      • The bit from the American side though is this- our military is overextended and worn out. If something happens in Southeast Asia while we are still engaged in the Middle East, both could be lost very quickly. Right now, Japan's most likely invasion target would be North Korea, thanks to the threat of medium-range nuclear warhead missiles. Thus relieving the USA of the responsibility....
        • by mercedo ( 822671 ) *
          They need to change their official language -from domestic to English. They need to be educated in emphasising the importance of independence and liberty and their responsibility along with these values. Right now they lacks all of them.
          • I'm not sure indepenance would need English. It certainly hasn't helped our current President- who doesn't seem to be fluent in anything in particular.

            But yes- rights require responsibilities, and liberty requires education. I think that's where the United States has failed with our own citizens.

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