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Journal lucabrasi999's Journal: No BSG? 3

Can somebody tell me why Battlestar Galactica was not nominated for a Golden Globe Award? I realize that both 24 and Lost are great shows. I am a huge fan of both shows. And, there are many people that love Grey's Anatomy . It is too much of a girl-show/ER retread for my tastes, but I don't mind if other people love it. However, if BSG is NOT the best show on U.S. television today, is it not at least in the top five?

Don't even get me started on the lack of Acting nominations for BSG

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  • Sci. Fi. Channel.

    • Sci. Fi. Channel.

      Depends upon what you mean. If you are referring to the relative size of the Sci-Fi audience, well, I must disagree. Last year [] Glenn Close was nominated for her role in The Shield (FX network). And, Everybody Loves Chris received a Best TV Comedy nomination (the former UPN network). If you look at previous years, you will see that less popular networks have received nominations (Monk, Michael Chiklis (The Shield again), etc).

      Then again, maybe if what you are saying is that a Science

      • Then again, maybe if what you are saying is that a Science Fiction program can't get any love, then maybe you are right.

        Bingo. Shame, really. A few of these season 3 eps are among some of the best BSG epeisodes ever. No matter. As long as it doesn't get cancelled, it's all good.

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