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Thanks for ruining my morning, Death.

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  • But I'm assuming that you're talking about the dolphins. :^(
    • Must be the Dolphins, indeed

      On topic: I bet reaper had a huge hangover. Handling your scythe is quite hard when having limited coordination ;-)

    • Her link went nowhere because she did put the leading / Jane, read this [] so your links will work. Interestingly you're the 3rd person I've shared this with in the last 4 days.
      • Drinking the night before an exam will help her links work better?
        • D'oh! Wrong link. I only shared that one with pudge. THIS [] is the one I meant to link to. But to answer you question, yes, yes it will.
      • I meant "didn't". I am teh suXX0rz.

        In related death news... my mother has picked up her mom's bad habit of calling me a few times a week, first thing in the morning to tell me who all died recently. Thanks Mom! I'm trying to write the goals upload system for the Sales application, and now I have in the back of my mind that one of our close family friends is being buried Monday and I can't be there.

  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    I thought Peter Boyle was hilarious. He didn't look healthy for quite a while though IMO. It's funny, I'd seen him in Taxi Driver, Young Frankenstein and Dream Team (fun movie!), but I never connected them all until I saw Everybody Loves Raymond. He was one of the main reasons that show was so good.

    i hope the dolphins have just been elusive and there's a chance they may cling to life. it seems that because a few scientists haven't seen them for a while, they're considered extinct. maybe they'll surpris
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      Sadly the only way they would suprise me at this point is if they came crawling outta the water, with frikkin laserbeams on their heads. Which we would so deserve.

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