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Journal sulli's Journal: "Peace Not Apartheid" 2

The anti-Carter campaign is predictable but off the mark. Anyone who follows the Israeli-Palestinian debate knows that the the term "apartheid" is commonly used by opponents of the wall that divides Palestinian communities in the West Bank. (Or the "separation barrier" as the Israelis call it.)

It's a good idea to have a fence - but the fact that the Israelis have used it to unilaterally declare borders inside the Palestinian areas, and have extended the policy to roads inside Palestine, has meant that Israelis and foreigners in the West Bank are treated materially differently from Palestinians solely on the basis of their race and religion, and if that's not discrimination, I don't know what is.

Security is important, but if that is the case, Israel should get rid of the settlements and withdraw to internationally recognized borders. Then they can - and should - build as big a wall as they would like.

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"Peace Not Apartheid"

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  • by their treatment of the Palestinians.

    The Israeli Goliath can step on the little David of Palestine, only so long...
    • by pudge ( 3605 ) *
      Nonsense. Israel pulls back from Gaza, and they get attacked for it. And you and the many blind parrots out there blame Israel all over again.

      sulli is right that to some degree Israel should withdraw, and they have been doing that, big time. Raise your hand if you ever thought, a few years ago, you would see Ariel Sharon, let alone any Israeli PM, pull back those settlements and abandon the Gaza Strip. And if your hand is up, you're lying.

      And yet even as Israel pulls back, they are being attacked on the

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