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Journal e8johan's Journal: Autumn

I really hate the autumn and the change from summer time to standard time.

A few weeks ago the mornings went dark, the dawn dissapeared into a red sky which shifted into a dark blue shade until all I could see was the stars. It isn't a nice shift to see the sun appear lower and lower on the horizon each morning until it is finally gone.

Then comes the standard time along. I get to sleep one hour extra (which I needed) and the sun came back in the morning. One problem only, the afternoons went dark instead, so no sun in my spare time, unless I suddenly begun to get out of bed unnaturally early.

The other problem with the standard time is that once again I have do endure seeing less and less sun each morning, until today.

Today the sky was black, I could see some of the brighter stars, and I know that when I return home all I will see again is stars. The only happy part about this is that I sit next to a window at work, so I get to see the sun for a few hours, but only through a window.

Enough with the depressing stuff, it is less than two months for christmas, and I'll have a nice vacation and hopefully a nice layer of snow to look at (and throw at people).

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