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Journal eno2001's Journal: THE 90s: Cyberpunk 3

I'll have to go dig around in my basement, but I believe I still have a copy or two of the seminal 90s cyberpunk magazine: Mondo 2000. Funny thing is that I'd actually forgotten about this magazine and the fact that I bought a few issues a little over a decade ago until I started reading about Jaron Lanier this morning. Back then, I was into "smart drugs", "smart food" and basically finding any way to augment my abilities. I wanted to be able to sleep less (less than the already short 4-6 hours I already sleep), think harder and generally find a way to persue perfection. Considering my neo-hippy aspirations at the time, I can see why this magazine resonated with me well. I also bought 2600 around this time too, so I'm sure some CIA or FBI file somewhere has me down as a counterculture, druggie revolutionary. Funny thing is... outside of experiments with pot and alcohol in my late teens, I've never done any illegal substances since.

I haven't actually changed that much either as my recent experimentation with the Yogic practice Jala Neti exhibits. Things are going swimmingly with Jala Neti BTW... thanks for asking. :) I suppose if the U.S. government makes Stevia (a 100% natural sweetener that can't legally be called a sweetener in the U.S.) illegal again, I may become a criminal in their eyes. But, I'm still at it. Still trying to find that perfect balance between technology and chemical modification of the mind body and soul. Anyone else in the JE circle ever read Mondo 2000? I'm sure there are people out there who completely miss the point and probably think that anyone who liked Mondo 2000 was either a poseur or just totally fried in the head. I welcome your comments too.

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THE 90s: Cyberpunk

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  • With R.U. and Queen Mu.

    My Guitar player of many years was half of "Mondo Vanilli".

    The really interesting stuff I first saw was called "High Frontiers." This mutated into "Reality Hackers" and then "Mondo 2000".

    We musta been on fairly parallel tracks... Are Durk Pearson and Sndy still alive? :-)
    • by eno2001 ( 527078 )
      God... Durk Pearson! I'd forgotten about him too! I read some of his stuff, but good question. It really doesn't seem like all that long ago either.

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