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Journal StalinsNotDead's Journal: First Impressions 4

I think I'll start chronicling events from the past. This event which took place a few years ago:

My roommate had just started going out with someone he had met in school, and whom I had not met. They had an appointment to go do something or other. They get back to the domicile after the event they attended. I'm watching TV in the living room when they arrive. I also happened to be sharpening a new axe. I sharpen things, it's kind of like a hobby.

Her: What are you doing?
Me: Sharpening this here axe.
Her: Why?
Me: What good's a dull axe?
Her: Why do you need an axe?
Me: To chop stuff, and they chop better if they're sharp.
Her: What do you need to chop? There's no trees in the yard.
Me: If we ever get snowed in we can use it to chop up furniture to burn for heat.
Her: Yeah. But we're in Florida.
Me: Well don't come crying to me when the freak blizzard hits and you don't have a nice sharp axe to make kindling out of your dinette set.
Her: A blizzard won't happen here, ever.
Me: "The stock-market will never crash." "Germany would never invade Poland." "I'm just going down to the corner store, why use the seat belt?" "Moses, you're crazy. I'm never going to let your people go." "I can eat just one Lays potato chip." "If it could sink. Do you think they'd have called it the Titanic?" Someone at sometime has said each of those things, and it lead to disaster.

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First Impressions

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