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Journal airrage's Journal: My Two Theorems 1

I've come up with two Theorems or Laws that I think accurately describe the human condition:

1. Groups of people (in the macroeconomic sense), in the end, always come to the most sensible, simple, and elegant solution to a problem.

2. Everything looks simple 5 minutes after the fact.

The discussion. Number one. South Africa, Northern Ireland, Iraq, North Korea, Russia; eventually, these groups of people will come to a peaceful solution that fits them. Of course, sometimes the time-frame is overly large, but in the end, the situation will be resolved. But this first theorem isn't all geopolitical. It also touches on programming, relationships, careers, Quantum physics, gravity, science, medicine, disease, air quality, pot-holes, strife, poverty, drugs, music, painting. Everytime I think about a situation or hear a news story, I think of theorem number one.

Number two. Number two talks about how people deal with number one. People are dumb. Really, really, dumb. So we as human beings don't really work head-on towards a goal, we back into things. Like driving your car in reverse. We change our situations, then look behind us to determine what the result was: oh, why didn't I think of that. So we are constantly moving in different directions, but looking behind us or around us to see if we are better or worse off. I often use the analogy of someone trying to determine the layout of a room by walking backwards.

Theorem number one. Theorem number two. Explains a lot.

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My Two Theorems

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  • So, for theorem #1, genocide/ethenic cleansing is an okay solution? We agree to disagree and fight to the death.

    Oh, and by okay solution I am not asking if you condone killing/violence, I realize this is not a morality test. I'm just trying to look at the boundary conditions of your theorem (won't call it a law). This doesn't sound like a peaceful solution that fits the losers.

    What about isreal/palestine?

    As for Theorem numba 2: "Hindsight is 20/20"
    That's the crappy thing about all these cliches... you do a bunch of thinking and they really do have some merit!

You know, Callahan's is a peaceable bar, but if you ask that dog what his favorite formatter is, and he says "roff! roff!", well, I'll just have to...