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Journal e8johan's Journal: Gt Plans

I've begun wrapping GTK+ in a Qt-like frameword. I've got the connect and emit functionallity that I want, but the code is still a bit too verbose. I hope to achieve two things: 1) A nice looking, easy to use, library and 2) A somewhat Qt compatible alternative so that I can port my software easily.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to charge for my software. As thinks look today, I will probably not be able to live from consulting (customizing open source solutions), but I will have to make some other income. Since I cannot (yet) afford a proper Qt license, I'll just have to make GTK+ (which is LGPL) (IMHO) better looking.

How does the code look? Well, for starters, all objects are prefixed with a G, i.e. GMainWindow, GPushButton, etc. The connections are managed though the raw strings: connect( objA, "clicked", objB, "slotName" ). This is akward and needs to be resolved somehow. Also, parameters cannot be passed yet, and I'm thinking about skipping that part all together and just pass a void pointer, but perhaps I'll find the time and get the urge.

I'll make it look good and wrap up most of the useful components, and also (very important!) implement a GPainter object, then publish it as LGPL. For the wrapping I've created a small script that makes most of the work. All simple widgets such as labels, containers, buttons etc. can quite easily be wrapped. I do however want to do this completely automagically, i.e. feed the script a GTK+ header and recieve a Gt header and most parts of a body.
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Gt Plans

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