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Journal Luke727's Journal: The college bowl system is a crime against humanity.

Ohio State vs Michigan, a game some people might consider the national championship (especially if USC loses bad), was played November 18. Ohio State will not play again until the championship game on January 8. That's an incredible 51 days; nearly two full months. Michigan will play again on January 1, 2, or 3.

There are 32 bowls and 119 teams, so 64 out of 119 teams will get to finish in a bowl game.

Roughly half of the teams moving on to the post-season? That's not setup like a playoff.

They take place from December 19 to January 8, a span of 20 days or just about 3 weeks. The last regular season games are this saturday, December 2, and almost all of them are either conference championship games or traditional pride games (i.e. Army vs Navy).

Conference champions? That's not setup like a playoff.

So we have 20 days where bowl games are taking place and another 17 days of dead air. That's 37 days, or 5 weeks, that could be used for a playoff system. 5 weeks gives us 32 teams. Hell, you could give them a week off and have a 16 team playoff. Wait, this sounds familiar...OH YEAH! It's the exact same system the 122-team Division I-AA football teams use!

The sad fact is that if you take money out of the equation then THIS YEAR there would be a playoff system.

If Florida wins tomorrow, they will have a legitimate gripe about being left out of the championship picture. I personally think Ohio State, Michigan, and USC would all beat Florida without too much trouble, but THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT. LET THEM DECIDE IT ON THE FIELD.

It is a crime that the BCS even exists. The fact that the national championship game is decided by subjective voters and formulas that need to be "tweaked" every year is a disgrace. One day, even if it is 50 years from now, people will look back on the whole thing and think of us as neanderthals.

Unfortunately it looks like the BCS is going to luck out and more-or-less get it right this year. Ohio State vs USC is probably the right game all things considered, but if by some miracle USC were to lose and Florida were to win convincingly tomorrow, boy that would make things real interesting.

Any excuse that anybody comes up with is entirely irrelevant because Division I-AA has a playoff system that seems to do just fine. Whenever somebody gives you an excuse, politely ask them "Did you mean to say 'money'?"

How can you possibly defend a system where TWO teams were crowned CO-CHAMPIONS? That is nothing short of total fraud and a complete embarassment.

For fuck's sake, even NASCAR has a playoff system. How the fuck are you going to be outdone by NASCAR?

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The college bowl system is a crime against humanity.

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