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Journal SolemnDragon's Journal: kitten hugs are not ALWAYS cute 4

Night before last, i dreamt that i was trying to rescue my kitten from drowning, and she, predictably, was a mass of claws and teeth.

Yesterday i woke up with severe scratches on both arms and bite marks on my hand.

I seriously considered trading the kitten in for a piranha; at least i'd KNOW the piranha was always deadly.

She claims that she was only protecting me from "bed mice," cleverly disguised as my fingers, and if i understood the threat i wouldn't be complaining.

Well, this morning, i woke up, and i was lying on my left side. Her Majesty the Kitten was curled up peacefully, against my left shoulder, with her head and body on my arm and one paw draped over it, and her paw curled in my right hand. You know, holding hands. She's the only cat i know who loves to hold hands. She was purring softly and snuggled closer, then she fell back asleep.

No deathfish of the dark waters could EVER tug on the heartstrings like that. Sweetest thing EVAR, and makes it all worthwhile.

Eventually the morning alarms went off, and i hugged her for awhile more and we started our day- with going to the couch for a sit together for fifteen minutes.

Orders from the cat planet are apparently to act as inconsistently as possible, while being lovable at least often enough to not end up being traded for something less dangerous, like a crocodile* or a black widow colony.

(* you know you play too much warcraft when all large reptiles are either basilisks or crocolisks)

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kitten hugs are not ALWAYS cute

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  • Her Majesty The Kitten has twins also! That must've been Wicked's kitten.
  • by Tet ( 2721 )
    So last night, I was sitting at my keyboard, with Heimdall curled up on my chest, mostly asleep, and gently purring. My other third, was coding away on the other side of the room, until running into a particularly intractible bug. Cue banging of fists on desk in a fit of extreme displeasure with the way things were going. Now that was all well and good. Apart from the fact that it spooked Heimdall, who woke up, decided that he was under attack, and dug in his claws. All of them. The bleeding had just about
  • I swear that my own cat suffers from MPD. One moment he is all loving and rolling over to have his belly petted (yes, odd for a cat, I know. I think one of his personalities is a dog.); the next moment he is working to skin my fingers. Just after you manage to extract the bloody stump from his grip, he is meowing at you wondering why you stopped petting him. I'm beginning to think that all cats suffer from some level of mental disorder.
  • Ok, I'll give you the kitten-holding-hands uniqueness award but I think my kitten still might have a shot at the overall cuteness award.

    Friday night, I have a medium-sized party since I'm heading back to Canada for a 1-month vacation (haven't been home in 2 years). An aussie housemate reminds me I still haven't touched the bottle of Canadian Club he got for my birthday and it must be consumed as I might not see him again - he's leaving for England soon, and my vacation had the possibility of being a one-wa

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