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Journal WindBourne's Journal: New Democrats? Not likely 4

Well, 4 years ago, I voted for Kerry (a first for me as I never voted for a Dem candidate before). This election, I pulled a nearly straight ticket Dem (a few libertarians, but mostly Dem's) with NO republicans. And why did I do it? Because I was hoping that there would be a difference. Now, near as I can tell, there is no difference.

The big issues that killed the republicans were
  1. Total failure in the Iraq war combined with continuing lies.
  2. Near total failure in the terrorists war (different than the Iraq).
  3. Obscene Deficits.
  4. Corruption that is more akin to a 3rd world country than a superpower.
  5. A total failure in morals and ethics.

And what are the Dem's talking about doing about this? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Nowhere do I hear of them pushing a balanced budget amendment. You would think that if they were worried about deficits, that they would be pushing an amendment.

Or that they would be re-doing the lobbying/election funding process. But not a peep. In fact, here in Colorado, we passed an anti-corruption bill that prevents ex-congressman from lobbying for several years and prevents them from taking more than $50 in "gifts". nearly all of the Republicans howled in fear and hatred of it(very much expected). But most surprising was that a large number of Dem's joined that howling. I think that this will take Joel Hefley's ideas to stop all of this. Too bad that they republicans ran out their last ethical member on a railroad.

As to the war, well, the Dem's backed the backer committee as well as it appears that they will be backing Gates for Secretary of War. And who is Gates as well as who is in the committee? All the same ppl who participated in the October surprise AND the Iran-contra affair. Basically, they are all criminals who have learned that you can screw over the nation AND get away with it. It would appear that we are still doing the same antics of the 80's. I only hope that this time we put a all of them in Levinworth.

And as to ethics and morals, well, let's hope that the corrupt DOJ and DHS will be spying on all the Dems and will stop them before they become as bad as republicans.

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New Democrats? Not likely

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  • ...but the Dems have been as bad as the Reps for a long time. It's the nature of the beast in DC; no matter how well-intentioned a Representative or Senator is when first elected to Congress, as soon as they begin to see how it works and as soon as the "perks" of the job manifest themselves, and when they realize they have people calling on them constantly to curry favor and give them "gifts," even the best of them begin to have their morals erode. If the Democrats need to do anything, it's pass strict term

    • yeah, I know that. But I have been thinking that the way to get a balanced budget and Anti-corruption amendments passed may be to go to all the alternative parties (green, Constitional, Libertarian, etc) and have them push these 2. In particular, the Hefley's anti-corruption approach would weaken the 2 party system in D.C. The problem with term limits is that it few congressman will support that and they have a good argument for not supporting it (strength to the state with senior congressman). OTH, how cou
      • Hadn't seen you around in a while. Where you been hiding?

        Lurking in the shadows mainly -- my Slashdotting was becoming a source of trouble in certain areas, namely work.

    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      http://slashdot.org/~nizo/journal/148536 [slashdot.org]

      An amendment along these lines seems like it would go a long way to fixing problems, and be really hard to vote against. Still has rough edges and needs work, but I like the premise anyway.

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