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Journal CyberKnet's Journal: CyberKnet.NET Relocation Complete

So I have this friend, who admins for this hosting company. Their servers run some BSD variant, but they hate perl with a passion. No real issue there, I just switched to PHP. I organized the needed DNS changes, and a few days later we have a working domain again. The place holder page seems to work still, including the perl CGI nicenesses like the (insecure) counter and the quoter. neat.

the PHP on the other hand, is really messed up, and will require a heavy rework. This is mainly due to changed autogobals and such. This task would be simplified greatly if there was a way to force variable declaration in PHP, but as far as I know, that is not an option. So instead, I'm gonna have to go through the code and look for all form references. Nasty. Should work better once I'm done though.

Unfortunately my friend hasn't got my database set up yet though, so it may be a while before I can get the PHP working... I'm not fond of the mysql errors that show up right now =P

Wife is calling. I'll write more later.

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CyberKnet.NET Relocation Complete

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