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Journal buffer-overflowed's Journal: Wii System Code 11

In case anyone else got one at launch, I'm posting my system code.

It is: 7074 1870 9399 9464

There's not a whole lot to do with it yet, except harass people via Messages(e-mail, but slower), and trade Miis. But meh, in case anyone cares.

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Wii System Code

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  • by arb ( 452787 )
    We don't get the Wii for another 16 days (and counting) down here. 8^( At least I'll get a free copy of Zelda when I do get mine though. ;^)
  • 8604 7065 0810 7272

    or w8604706508107272@wii.com

    I wish you could do some sort of dedicated mingling.
  • We're surprising the boys with the Wii on Christmas, so it's just sitting in the closet now. This is very difficult for me.

    I did convince my wife though we should try it tonight to make sure everything is in working order so we don't have a Christmas day catastrophe.
    • The box isn't sealed with a sticker, so you could sneak it out while the wife is sleeping. :-)

      You also might want update it again a few days before christmas so the forecast channel is there.

      It's a hell of a lot of fun. I hope I can track another one or two down before Christmas, because I think my parents would love to play the thing(especially Wii Sports).

      • We ended up opening it up last night, setting it up and testing it out. With reports that a few people are getting their system bricked by the WiiConnect24 update, I wanted to make sure everything was functioning before Christmas. We played exactly one game of Wii Sports Bowling. All I can say is: when my friends and family get a shot at playing this thing, they will definitely be buying it.

  • for donations of Wii hardware. Any takers?

    And if I do get a Wii, is anyone willing to trade the Wii for a years supply of SingulAir? How abotu a 1/2 year supply?


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