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Journal redhead-kitten's Journal: For the dragon . . . 10

Since BBB and Sol and Blinder play WOW together, i get an opportunity once in a while to converse with them via the game. I have been involved in a very large sewing project, which she requested that i write about.

I have been sewing for a very long time, and from time to time have been known to take on projects which give me a little extra spending money.

This summer, i was drafted to sew for a friend's wedding. This consisted of: one wedding dress, three bridesmaids dresses, one flower girl dress, four mens shirts, two boys shirts, one mans kilt, two boys kilts, four drapes for men, three rosettes for women and one lap robe for a man in a wheelchair.

This was a Celtic/renaissance wedding where all of the womens dresses (including the wedding gown and flower girl) have a chemise (under dress) and an over dress. The men were wearing kilts, with the exception of the "man of honor" who is in a wheelchair, so he merely had a lap robe and drape in his family tartan over pants.

The biggest challenge here was the fact that only one of the women (the "best maid") was able to fit the pattern size that i have. All of the others, including the bride, were much larger. I had to adjust the patterns and fit them individually.

The other challenge for me was the flower girl. Do you know that they don't make renaissance patterns for little girls? I had to get a pattern for a fairy outfit, which had the bodice part and the rest was done without a pattern.

Now, that's not to say that the kilts were easy, by any stretch of the imagination. The tartan was Maxwell, and the fabric was *yummy*. It took eight yards for the groom's kilt, and it was a pain in the butt. The biggest compliment that i could have gotten came from the groom. He has an over-the-counter kilt that he also wears and he said that he could see why men liked the handmade kilts better. The one i made him fit him ever so much better and was way more comfortable than his store bought one.

As a matter of fact, i got many compliments from the guests and bridal party. The one thing that didn't happen (which annoyed BBB) was a public thank you from the bride during the reception. In her thank yous, she even included one person whose only contribution was to put plastic up inside the garage because of some leaks, but she didn't manage to thank me for my sewing.


The up side of the wedding was that I got three new contacts for sewing. The man of honor wants a couple of shirts made up in black because his wife wants to get more involved in the ren circuit. There were also a couple of others that took my information and will contact me at a later date for sewing.

I still have more sewing to do (now, where did i put that brown lining fabric?) but i'm going to take a little time before i start the next old project. :-P


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For the dragon . . .

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    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *

      But I do have to admit, that was the best sewing story I have ever heard!

      • Actually, I was serious.

        The brown lining fabric comment was, I believe, aimed at me and the leather jacket that I have owned longer than almost any other of my possessions.
        • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
          Hey, a good leather jacket is hard to find. And if it is a really good leather jacket, and you take care of it, you could probably pass it on to your grandkids :-)
        • We have a winner! Ladies and gentlemen, he may be out of the state, but he's not out of his mind!

          Yes dear, the brown lining fabric comment *was* directed at you. Ms. Clause plans to deliver this Christmas.


  • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
    If I may ask, how much do you charge for a project like that?
    • Well, since this one was a friend, it was a total of $650, and the bride provided all of the fabric. The price for the next kilt will be considerably more. I tend to charge on a sliding scale depending on the project.


  • Yes, we were amazed at both the quality of your sewing and the scope of alteration which must have been necessary to make the pattern fit everyone. That was a marvel of technical skill and you should absolutely have an online portfolio...

    you rawk!!!

    and we like talking to you, too.

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