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Journal sumdumass's Journal: political bias 1

Wow, I have been making some observations that the stories on slashdot have been comming in politicly slanted leading into the fall elections. I made some of these observations known in several posts.

Now recently, I have been locked out of commenting on several threads. Not by being modded down, Not by being labeled as a troll and getting those too many comments from you subnet ordeal. But by something on the systems stoping me from seeing a reply button in those threads. I have as few pages in a tab that let me post to the stories by when going into the user's post section of the profile or checking email notifications I cannot reply.

Now I though maybe the the story has been locked or something even though it has only be one day. So i checked it from another computer not logged in. It let me post anonymously. So I called a friend and asked him to post something to one of my posts, Sure enough it posted. So I went to his house, Logged in as my user name and poof- no reply button.

I'm sure my comments that the democrats have been already making statments that they won't be able to do much of what they claimed when running for office. Things like the war in Iraq, different survailence programs and such. My position is they are doing this now because they are either going to wait until 2008 and claim we need the presidency to maek a difference or they actualy cannot do much of what they campaigned on. Of course in the later, It means they told the voters "i will do this" when they knew they couldn't and are probably afraid pointing it out now won't look too good in 2008. The previous means they aren't going to try anything major so they can keep it as an issue in 2008. Either way, My comments of things won't be too different because they won't change to much is true.

So, I am writing this because some one in a position of power at slashdot has back doored my comments that are critical of the democrats expected performance after winning the elections. I am wondering how long this will last. My karma is rated as "excellent". Non of the usual too many complain messages have appeared- nothing except not being able to find a reply button on any of the messages associated with the threads I posted in concerning the democrats. And they apear if i'm not logged on or logged on as a different use.

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political bias

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