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Journal cascadefx's Journal: I called it... 4

I called it way back in February.

My mom and dad, working in a military base town talked how dear friends were being called up for the 3rd time. That they knew people that came close deployment after deployment to losing life and limb.


Finally, they were tired of it. They thought that maybe an oppositional government wasn't a bad thing.

I don't think they voted for anything other than straight ticket Republican. But if they were even thinking about it showed a sea change to me.

People are tired. They want relief and the election was one to attempt to get it.

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I called it...

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  • ...I guess I owe you an apology, and I'm very glad to say it.
    • I accept your apology. I understand where you were comming from, though. You just have to understand what a huge step it was for my parents to even entertain the idea that perhaps there needed to be a change. These were people arguing that Gitmo (in the first days) was necessary for the strength of America.

      It sounds like you actually read the paper. Feeling better?

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