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Journal sielwolf's Journal: Yo Voté 16

Got up at 0600. Showered and out of the door by 0622. It was about even between permanent night and transcient dawn. None of the reported rain. Fog swept in and had eaten up everything. The neighborhood is quiet, save the trucks and early commuter traffic.

I got to walking. Not much in the way of sidewalks here. Too hilly, too old development suburban. Vines and sheer front yard edges. Wet rotting piles of leaves tracked from the curb into the street. Parked cars sat in them.

Got to the elementary school: around a corner and dug into a hillface. The school had set up a table to buy a coffee and a bagel. A half an hour early. The line was maybe a dozen. Kids off on election day? Washed-in cocoa powder. Milk? Is that how elementary schools smell? There was something that gave the air that very taste. More people came. Damn, I was about two sawbucks younger than everyone else here. Cute election observer. A college freshmen? She had no where to stand so she just stood there: off to the side in the school auditorium, rolling her foot in its heel, clutching a clipboard. All the lunch tables where stacked in the cafeteria. I waited behind the duct tape line.

My last name, my address, my DOB. Got my slip, signed it. Poll worker lives just down the street from me. Got my smartcard. Pushed it into the machine. Goddamn the GUI of this thing is hideous. Am I a dork because I spent yesterday reading up on the issues, the candidates and then looking at the sample ballot they mailed me? It was mostly punching numbers. Name: X. "Choose no more than four". Double check, next page. The same. Review. Submit ballot. Took my smartcard to the kids who dropped it a box. Took my sticker. Put it on my sweater.

The parking lot was filled- people coming and going. Some election workers outside. I was glad I walked. The fog had begun to clear. A man walks out of his house with a dog. I go down the street. A man with a greyhound crosses my path. I come to Wayne and see a jogger. She's wearing a TERPS sweatshirt. 0712. I get in my car, take off my scarf (warmer than I thought today... wow, the high's 60F?), drive to work.

And here you are.

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Yo Voté

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  • The predicted rain is probably a Rove plot to suppress Democrat turnout!

    What was the abandoned vehicle count?

    Poll watcher: did you mean noplace to sit? Perhaps 'evil Wal*Mart [typepad.com]' really does run elections!

    Enough kidding.

    Fuzzy memory has me thinking you vote in MD? A chick I went out with recently was telling me that a MD court nixed early voting. Sounds kind of silly to me, but I have been doing it since the 90s [slashdot.org].
    • Yeah I'm in Silver Spring so that basically means my vote is pointless :P (except for stuff like the school board) Still, it's the thing to do. I'd love to do early voting. It'd make my day easier and I just don't trust the Giant Box of Smartcards. Of course then what would the kids do since they get the day off? It was like last year when we had the big snow on a Sunday night but the trucks where able to get out and salt and shovel: the county decided "eh, the kids deserve at least one snow day" and
      • by GMontag ( 42283 )
        Yeah I'm in Silver Spring

        AH HA!

        Can't fool me! Unless you are the only person living there who does not pluralize the town name :)
        • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *
          Unless you are the only person living there who does not pluralize the town name :)

          He is a transplant from Ohio.

          And yes, early voting was nixed in MD.
  • That off of Oakmont Ave (all 1/2 mile of it), there is an Oakmont Street?
    And did you know that BOTH Oakmonts terminate in an elementary school?!

    If you know anything about Mr. Meks, you know he showed up at the wrong schoolio. And then got BAD DIRECTIONS to the other schoolio! (What was that guy talking about, CROSS the rail road tracks?!)

    And I swear to GORD [actsofgord.com] that though I drove by this "street" at least 100 times in the past two years, I've never noticed it. Nor the GREEN SIGN THAT SAYS "SCHOOLIO THIS-A-WA
    • Haha! Priceless. Yeah, in 2k4 I waited for 15 minutes in the cafeteria of Columbia Long Reach High School only to find out I wasn't supposed to vote in the cafeteria @ Columbia Long Reach High School (we can't have normal naming structure in Columbia. That's why it's the Mall @ Columbia and such) but at Auxilary Gym I @ Columbia Long Reach High School. Of course by then there was a line out to the street and I had to wait another 20 minutes before I could vote.

      This time though I actually made sure that
      • by mekkab ( 133181 )
        Your gord trumps my gourd.

        Que'lle coincidence, my fam comes down this weekend as well. Hopefully, I can get 300 more bulbs into the ground (oh, and dig out a brand new bed for Irises... which was TOTALLY not part of the plan, but Holly came home from work with rizomes! WTF?! Is that stuff legal in DC?!)... the 5 lilacs in the front have been transplanted (like an orang utan's heart) into BRAND NEW HOLES (my lower back is in the BEST shape of my life... seriously) and replaced with fothergilla(monsters). So
        • Yeah, next Tues. is Painting which eats up 6:30 to 9:45 which kind of kills its drinkability. That's my one weekday evening commitment this week and next so if Thurs doesn't pass muster any of the other weekdays could fill its slot.
          • by mekkab ( 133181 )
            So here is deal, yes?

            This thursday is fine. Next wednesday RFD is having wet hop beer tasting event. $30 ticket, starts at 7, blah.

            Don't know how that works with your schedule or if its too much of a hassleback and Thrus-dei is better for you. RFD is new, but will probably be filled with beer snobs and total knobs, plus you're listening to some guy talk, ney, pontificate about der beers. While I'm interested in finding out what wet hop is, it might suck, too.

            So weigh it out; tried and true (shooting the
            • Hmm. I'm thinking tried and true right now. Plus tomorrow might be less of a hassle since next Weds/Thurs I might be bunched up trying to finish things up before I disappear for a week.

              Also I just realized something supergreat about the big shift in political power: an end to the (relative) doldrums of the DC area housing market. Folks are going to be wanting to sell off quick while others are going to want to jump in ASAP. All those condo developers are nice but these folks are going to need to have m
              • by mekkab ( 133181 )
                Yeah, after that stellar brickskellar disappointment, I feel you. THRUSDAY it is. Also of note:Just Arrived: Raison D'Extra and World Wide Stout

                this is a hypo-link [dogfish.com]

                I'm all about bof a dem "hi-test" beers.

                Changes in poly-ticks are what indeed fuels the DC metro housing need. This is what we were all banking on.
                • *shudder* You saying 'Metro' makes me wish the Purple Line and the ICC where already done. *Imagines another 30,000 newbies on the Beltway every morning*
                  • by mekkab ( 133181 )
                    Actually, I'm looking forward to the great ICC slooooooooowdooooooown of aught-7. I can feel the delays coming on now! NIMBY, baby, NIMBY. (or in my case, NIMFY).

                    /I was only pro-ICC for the 6months that Holly worked in Baltimore
                    //Can you lend me Our Band Could Be Your Life? With sugar on top?
                    • //Can you lend me Our Band Could Be Your Life? With sugar on top?

                      Most def. I'll scrounge my boxes and get it out and put it in los whip tonight. The construction of the book is genius. Sure, Azzarad picks and chooses his bands (so you have a WTF chapter on Beat Happening) but he really builds a nice arc. You get the success tempered by burn out of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Husker Du and the Mats and the down notes of what happened to the Minutemen and Mission of Burma (tho that's kind of deprecated now
                    • by mekkab ( 133181 )
                      My homie Alexis in NY has ins with the Docu crowd. Perhaps we can interest some trust funder with our musical movie ideas!

                      /back to requirementes

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