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Journal GMontag's Journal: Election Morning News 1

7 November 2006

Montag Leftblog Comment Crystal Ball

Early voters intimidated by FOX News in Alexandria, VA

6:00 AM, FOX News cameras were standing watch over Alexandria, VA polling places, sending the subtle message "we are watching you."

East Coast Flooded by President Bush

As reported earlier, the president covered the east in rain. Some election observers suspect Air Force One of seeding clouds on the way to Texas.

Maryland Voting Ended Early due to Rain

Bush induced rain storms kill power across the State of Maryland, causing polling places to close early.

Abandoned Vehicles Hinder DC Beltway Voting: Global Warming Blamed

DC area drivers abandoned their vehicles in anticipation of global-warming effect snow during torrential rain storms. Political observers suspect this was a factor in the low turnout and that previous research has shown that Democrats tend to abandon their cars in bad weather.

Milk, bread and toilet paper supplies reported low.

Pacific Northwest Flooded by George W. Bush

Unexplained storm due to global warming is killing voters in Democrat leaning parts of the west coast. The source of this storm is no mystery to political observers.

Grass Roots Voter Efforts Obstructed by Bush Attack Machine

ACORN is being unfairly targeted in the St. Louis area for trying to help poor or otherwise disadvantaged people.

Philadelphia Vote Suppressed by new rules

Philadelphians are no longer allowed to vote in bars. Depressed Democrat turnout expected.

Stay tuned to the Leftosphere for more of the above.

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Election Morning News

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  • by ncc74656 ( 45571 ) *
    Abandoned Vehicles Hinder DC Beltway Voting: Global Warming Blamed

    Maybe they're tracking down milk, bread, and toilet paper. :-)

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