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Journal kenp2002's Journal: Wow a lot of Commies

Man Slashdot should be renamed SlashLeft. 15 responses all from left wing, blame america first, socialists. Sad to see so many Anti-America people on /.. My Journalism post was moderated no less than 15 times, constantly back and forth from a -1 to a 5 to a 3, I don't even know what it left off at. Oh well. The fight for American Freedom drags on, I am just saddened by the number of Blame America First types out there that hate America so much. They don't understand the Constitution and try to use it verbatim to defend their positions. They are no better than KKK people that try to use Bible Verses to defend their position. If some of these people read other writings and notes from the founding fathers and actually studied the Constitution they might understand a bit better. Oh well, they grow lazy and eventually we will arrive at either the Fordian Society (if the Left Wins) or the Orwellian Society (if the right Wins). People just don't understand anymore. They will bid their freedom farewell in exchange for cold comfort.

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