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Journal MikeBabcock's Journal: Hypocricy and religion

Due to recent events (pastors being outed / accused of things they ought not to do), I've been confronted by persons discussing the hypocrisy of Christianity.

I'll be brief -- such people are often completely ignorant of both Christianity and ethical/moral issues in general. It is frequently impossible or impractical for any person, regardless of their beliefs, to be 100% perfect in their own minds (and if they were, I believe there's a psychological condition they'd be diagnosed with).

The fact that a person believes they should not break the law and yet speeds to get to work faster or another believes pollution is evil and yet still heats their home with dirty power for example is enough to refer to such persons as hypocrites. But is there anything wrong with the goals they have, despite failing to achieve them?

The bible states that those who follow Christianity will be known for love, kindness, self-control and gentleness among other qualities and that against these things there is no law.

I'd like to say I do not defend anyone's wrongdoings, but there are a few misconceptions that need outing:

1) What the bible says about Christianity is what I believe, not what some evangelist on TV said. This makes me a fundamentalist by definition. Would you prefer I follow said evangelists' views instead of formulating my own?

2) Having the goal of achieving something and failing does not make the goal system irrelevant or in any way wrong -- we're all imperfect human beings striving toward whatever we set our minds to, sometimes we're just stuck or we screw up. (PS, that's Christianity too -- that people are fallen and fallible, not in any way perfect, with the goal of becoming better). ... and more, but I'm done ranting for now. Please, if you think Christianity is stupid, do your research and don't just play follow the leader from what someone else has told you. If you're against Christianity because Christians are jerks, well, they're probably not really Christians (falls under 'do your research'). Try not to be as overbearing with them as they are with you.

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Hypocricy and religion

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