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Journal sulli's Journal: Zakaria on Iraq 4

The always insightful Fareed Zakaria on what we should do in Iraq: secure Kurdistan, fight Al Qaeda, and contain rather than pretend to prevent sectarian violence while the Sunnis and Shiites fight it out. Korea is cited as an example - I would also include Bosnia which is peaceful now after the Dayton accords.
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Zakaria on Iraq

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  • I've chosen WWII as a model of what the US should do with the GWOT- Zakaria focuses on Iraq alone and chooses Korea as a model. I think he's got some *very* good points, in that I think the ONLY other option would be turning everything south of Kurdistan all the way to Mecca into a DMZ- removing and destroying weaponry as we go.
  • That is the predictable Zionist POV.

    Support Israel's ally, and divide Israel's opponents into long-term, low-level conflict.

    Portray this as an American interest, and have the US supply the body bags.
    • by sulli ( 195030 ) *
      what does this have to do with Israel? Kurdistan is in good shape, we don't want to give it any trouble.
      • That's my point. Israel supports Kurdistan - even send some of there special ops people in to help the Kurds train Pish Magreh.

        The South can divide and fight. If Kirkuk stays Kurdish, Israel has an oil source other than Iran (that's right. Iran.)

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