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Journal yagu's Journal: for those who care 2

(pictures here.)

I recently asked for input on ideas for new personalized plate. My mini-dilemma was my new state (Illinois) didn't have "GOOGLE", or "UNIX" as options, two of my past faves (more on that in a second).

You can read the journal entry and associated comments, but to briefly summarize:

Slashdot members Short Circuit, nizo, Degrees, Acid-Duck, and Denial93 all chipped in with suggestions. The list (including mine):

  • ubuntu
  • unix
  • linux
  • un star x
  • dr linux
  • linux dr
  • linux rx
  • multics (short circuit)
  • tuxracr (short circuit)
  • firefox (nizo)
  • nix geek (nizo)
  • nix nerd (nizo)
  • got root (nizo)
  • gnu linux (degrees)
  • vmlinuz (acid-duck)
  • vmlinux (acid-duck)
  • uname (anonymous)
  • slashdot (denial93)
  • use unix (denial93)
  • vi 4ever (denial93)
  • go emacs (denial93)
  • trolling (denial93)
  • penguins (denial93)
  • opensrc (denial93)

I hope that's the complete list, apologies if my record-keeping lapses.

I thank all who commented and offered suggestions, they all were great. Two of my faves (and others seemed to provide concensus) were "got root", and "ubuntu". I came very close to "ubuntu" as it grew on me over time. Still think it would've been a good one and while "got root" was kind of an insider's joke, I loved it.

So, in the process of checking for available combinations the state of Illinois rolled out their new "cyberdriveillinois" site making things not only much easier but offering unknown additional options.

Illinois offers many specialty plates, and it turns out a combination already "taken" for regular plates can still be used for specialty plates. I started "poking" at the different options, and found UNIX available for almost all of them. Since I originally had WA UNIX plates, they were a nostalgic fave. I found one specialty plate to especially meld with the notion of UNIX, the "Route 66" memorial plates.

So, pictures here, I think they're very cool. I love the UNIX with the "Where the road begins" beneath. And the plates look nice. All this on a Honda Ridgeline (like UNIX, reliable, multi-purpose, rock solid, easy to use...).

Again thanks to all who offered suggestions.

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for those who care

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  • Friend: Nice car, so what custom plate did you get?
    Yagu: It says, "UNIX". Isn't that awesome?
    Friend: Eunichs? Isn't that what they call guys that are missing their bestest most favorite body parts?

    Congrats on the nice car btw :-)

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