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Journal Flamesplash's Journal: doolb

When I was much much younger I wrote two parts of a story for English class. The first embodied rebellion, and the second revenge; that was the gist of the assignments for the year. The stories were pretty horrible as I look them over now. While I had quite the imagination the effort wasn't there, but I'm happy to blame that on the fact that is was an assignment for a class I didn't like.

The story takes place in a post apocalyptic world. A hacker launches all the world nukes, and all of modern civilization goes by-by leaving pockets of life here and there.

The first story talks about how a Flier named Bower learns he has not in fact been spreading a helpful Cure over the citizens of Survival City in New Moscow ( no relation, whatever I actually meant by that ), but has instead been poisoning them to conduct experiments for the evil General Reat. Bower exacts revenge by throwing some of the radioactive chemical into General Reat's face and then running off with all the other Fliers to become rebels.

The follow up sees Bower pursued by General Reat as the group is attempting to escape and make plans. The general ends up dropping a bomb near the group. They hide thinking it to be just a regular old bomb, but no, turns out this is an enzyme bomb which gets on Bowers clothing and eats him through. I was sure to parenthetically specify that enzyme bombs were only bad if they hit synthetics first.

One of the oddest things in these stories is that the vehicles run on 'doolb.' That's blood backwards. I'm not really sure why I went for that, I guess it was somehow obvious at the time. It also is make the story slightly appropriate for me to mention it now. ( I have yet to have a trick or treater by the way )

This story brings up my apparent like for post apocalyptic stories. I've never really thought about it much, but the evidence is there. I actually like The Postman. Waterworld was not _that_ bad and you know it. If there is a movie about people trapped in some sort of natural disaster on tv during a weekend I will need to watch it all. One of my favorite is a recent one where not one, but two volcano's erupt in a major city. Lava is pouring through the city and the bright citizens who must save themselves find the Holy Grail, Jersey Barriers.

Yes, apparently Jersey Barriers can drive the tide of anything from rush hour traffic to molten lava. They also apparantly take the edge off the heat so that you can stand right next to them watching the lava flow by at chest height.

So yea, blood, lava, and mailmen on horses in the future.

Goodnight out there, Whatever you are!

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