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Journal red5's Journal: Fucken hell 2

So here's the job: "They built two illegal singles into this apartment building on La Mirada. Now they need to have the drywall cut away so the electrical can be inspected." And why didn't we didn't just hang up on them? They're never gonna want to pay us the money we'll ask for this, it's a shit job in a shit neighbourhood and were over booked as it is.

The building manager can see I really don't want to deal with this shit so he tells me "don't worry it builds character."

Seriously if I hear another person tell me "this builds character" I hope for their sake were on the ground floor because I'm throwing them out the nearest window. You don't know me, I have more "character" than I know what to do with.

The kicker was the guy had a tape on his table titled "The real secret to making money" The guy is in his fourties living in a unit 1/2 the size of mine with no kitchen (just a hot-plate), in a shitty neighbourhood. If anybody needs to know how to make more money it's this guy. Good luck on that fella.
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Fucken hell

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