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Journal krow's Journal: Thus Far 3

An Organic Seal will begin appearing on food stuff. The last time I read much about this, and it has been years, was that the industry had gutted the bill and made it easy for anyone to get the label. Now reading a couple of on-line articles it looks like this is not the case.

Since its around election time Bush has decided to go after drug companies who try to extend the period of time that they get to keep their drugs to themselves. Drug companies are given a complete monopoly over the drugs that they produce (the period is 30 months). I realize that there is a cost involved in creating drugs, but it sure stinks that for that first 30 month only someone who can afford the name brand version is going to be able to get it. The other way to look at this though is that those with money become the first test rabbits among the general public.

Cute, there is a mad deer disease. Tack this on to the new PETA campaign slogan "Cut Class, Not Frogs" and I have a happy little pro-veg morning.

I love how Seattle's waterfront viaduct issue is being compared to Boston's big dig. The question is, is it worth billions of dollars extra to put the thing underground instead of leaving it in its current design? Billions.

Interesting to find articles on the Web talking about the mistrust between the White House and the military. Makes me wonder how many of them now wish for a return to Clinton days.

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