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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: Ubuntu edgy is not ready for prime time 2

Fedora 6 has come out and Ubuntu Linux 6.10 "Edgy" is coming out within 3 days. I downloaded Ubuntu Linux "Edgy" release candidate. Let me tell you its not ready. Ubuntu has been historically easy for newbies and very stable. So far I found 4 bugs since I installed it last night mentioned here,
here, and here. Last the installation froze when I repartitioned my Windows drive. Scary stuff but miraciously I did not lose data. So or my other unix nerds on here my advice is to not upgrade.

I am getting my old ubuntu 6.4 cd's as I write this and plan to wipe my disk and put last June's version of Ubuntu. The fonts are ugly but I found out how to backport Edgy's fonts to 6.4. I think by Thanksgiving I may upgrade back. What a shame as the new linux is pure eye candy but I want my computer to just work. Ubuntu needs to focus more on quality and that is its strength. I hope they fix more of the 600+ bugs in it.

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Ubuntu edgy is not ready for prime time

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  • by tqft ( 619476 )
    Thanks for the warning my brand new machine is almost ready for an OS install and I have had an offer to download the latest ubuntu. Me thins I won't now. Dapper's promised support was the main reason not to. So maybe I will wait to the F series to upgrade
  • There is no Ubuntu 6.04. It's 6.06 (and 6.06.1)

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