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Journal Gangis's Journal: Yatta! 2

Well, that was a great weekend. ^_^ We finally saw Spirited Away, but more on that later. First I want to say a few words... I can't believe how incredibly stupid I am for feeling that if I wanted to be friends with Rich, I have to be friends with Susan. I came to the realization that Rich is a REALLY good friend, and wouldn't let Susan come between the two of us and I'm grateful to have a friend like him. On that note, Susan finally recognized the problem. She and Rich had a long talk Thursday about the situation, and he feels that I had just cause to be upset at her. Rich also tells me that Susan tends to be clingy and is easily spoiled. He tells me that if she keeps at it, all I have to do is tell her to stop, and she may get mad, but then calms down. It's just her nature, and I understand that now...

*ahem* Anyways! Now about the weekend... it was fun. Dan, Nicki and I left Melbourne around 7pm and arrived at Orlando at 8:30pm. Nicki wanted to get to Hot Topic at the Altamonte Springs Mall before they closed at 9, but we were too late so we stopped at the World's Largest McDonalds on International Drive. And damn, was it huge. Two stories of glorius fast food, an ice cream bar and a pizza parlor, not to mention an arcade area with a Pump It Up machine. It was a sight to behold, but the prices made me wince. Something around $5.25 for a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, Supersize fries, Supersize coke scared me, but I bought it anyways. We go to the Universal Studios Citywalk and end up being 10 minutes late for the movie, and guess what happens? The box office tells us they sold out. At this moment, Nicki was really apologetic, even though it was not her fault at all. We reassured her that everything was fine, and that we'd catch the 1:50 showing the next day. So after that we go to my brother's apartment in Orlando. My brother had a lot of work to do so he was up all night in front of his computer while Dan and Nicki slept in his room and I slept on the pullaway sofa in the same room where he was working. It didn't bother me at all since I couldn't hear him, and I had a pillow over my eyes. It was a rather uncomfortable sleep and I woke up with a crick in my neck. Well, after a couple hours we decide to drive to Altamonte Springs to visit the store she wanted ot go to, Hot Topic. We must've spent about 45 minutes in there, because by the time we came out, it was already 1 hour before the movie. We went to the food court and got some food to go. I think Dan had a burrito, Nicki had a sub, and I had chinese food. We ate on the way to Universal Studios, and Dan was behind the wheel of Nicki's Mercury Grand Marquis. Big mistake. We almost get into 2 separate accidents on the same road, not even a minute apart, because Dan didn't check the next lane before switching. Dan, you're my friend, but you scared me shitless! Knocked off about 5-7 years off my life span. But I digress. We get there around 1:25 only to find out that the moive started at 1:05, not 1:50. Well, we buy the tickets anyways and go in. Apparently we didn't miss all that much, so that was good. The movie was excellent and I had a great time. I highly recommend the movie for anime fanatics and non-fanatics alike. Excellent storyline, good animation, even though it was a Studio Ghibli movie (which are infamous for round faces and silly sentimental stuff.) I didn't see much of the sentimental stuff that were in typical Ghibli movies. So all in all, it's a great movie. ^_^

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