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Journal Some Woman's Journal: [AoM] Museum of Russian Art 8

This Saturday, Some Guy and I visited the Museum of Russian Art, which was much larger and more popular than we had imagined. It is, oddly enough, housed in a spanish mission style former church (see here). The museum has only been in its current location since 2005.

Portraiture of children was one of the approved painting genres.

That note next to a painting of a young soviet sums up pretty well their current exhibit, Russian Realism. Only in Soviet Russia would you find an artistic rendering of Blast Furnace 5. I've never really paid a lot of attention to the choice of subject matter in art, but this exhibit really smacks you upside the head with it. Apparently, if you toe the line really well with pastoral paintings of the Russian countryisde and school children, the state will look the other way if you paint a few nudes.

The other exhibit that the museum has right now is on laquered boxes, the whimsical extravagence of which starkly contrasts the realism exhibit. They were shiny and detailed. Most of the boxes on display were from the mid-1980s.

Regular Admission: $5
Overall Grade: A-
Re-visit?: High revisit value.

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[AoM] Museum of Russian Art

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  • Due to unanticipated international diplomatic complications, the 38 works of lacquer art on loan from two Russian museums will not arrive for the October 5th opening of the Masterpieces of Russian Lacquer Art exhibition. Our best estimate is that the items from Russia will arrive the week of October 23rd and will be included in the exhibition as soon as possible

    I am glad you got to see the museum. Hopefully we get to do a good one this weekend.
    • I'm in Boston this weekend. Next weekend? Arboretum? Possibly in snow?
      • Sorry, I guess I got off schedule because you just went to the museum together, and you usually only see each other every other weekend.

        I am sure the arboretum will be lovely in two weeks, snow never seems to stay on the ground until at least thanksgiving.
        • Yeah, we're off schedule. He was here all week, and now we have two weekends in a row to off-sync us from the holidays. So, I'll be in Boston this weekend, and he'll be in MN the weekend that I proposed Arboretuming (November 4th- after Meeting, perhaps?). Then it's back to every other week through December.
          • He was here all week, and now we have two weekends in a row to off-sync us from the holidays .

            So did he come home to celebrate "the holidays"?

            Last week was International Infection Prevention Week [] that's a nice holiday!

            Or did he want to be with you for the kick-off of ACS's National Chemistry Week [] because I got you something to celebrate, but it might get eaten if I don't get around to getting it to you.

            Oh my! by staying the extra Monday through Sunday, he added seven additional holidays together (US only:
            • Black poetry day!!!

              Oh, wait...they probably aren't talking about my dark depressing death poetry. :^(

              Oh, man. I missed ether day again?! Eh, that's okay. Wheeeeeeeeeee! Teehee!

              Oh, dude. I totally need a mole []. And this isn't one of those needs like food or water. Well, maybe like water. It's a need. He has his own test tube.
          • P.S. Did you know it was National Mole* Day yesterday and forget to tell me?

            *As in Avogadro's number, not the creepy, furry, blind thing.
            • Oh, I always celebrate it on June 2nd (at 10:23 AM), because I reconize that a mole is more than just an exponent. ;^)

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