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Journal FirstNoel's Journal: 37 weeks and counting 2

We've now switched gears. Instead of praying for her to stay in till week 36, we are now waiting eagerly for Maddy's arrival. She can show up at any time now. The official due date is Nov. 10th, I'm still thinking it will be Oct 27th. I don't know why I picked that day, I just did. We'll see how close she gets.

Amy is huge and the poor girl has stretch marks out the wazoo. She's all worried about them, I'm not. They are a necessary evil for some women. They say they're genetic, her mom had them. So what are you going to do? As long as she's healthy and Maddy's healthy, I'm happy.

The stress has now moved to the birth, Amy's already asking for pain meds for it. I think she'll be fine, this time will be definitely different than last. I still have those nagging "what-ifs" dancing around in my head, you know, cord issues, labor complications. I keep those to myself though, I don't need Amy to get all wound up about them. Once the baby is in my hands, yelling at me about how cold it is in the outside world, I'll get to relax, if only for a brief second. Then the other "what-ifs" can start up, day care, school, college...etc.

We are still debating about moving away, far away from our parents. I'm thinking Pittsburgh (240 miles away), Amy's thinking Shippensburg (40 miles away). I'm going to piss her mom and/or my mom off, I know it. I can just feel the tension already, they want to "share" with us all of their knowledge. (sorry for the "" that I use so much, it's a very limited tool to show sarcasm. I'm a very cynical person.) Knowledge transfer is fine, to a point. I may have to take us into seclusion.

Other than the week, nothing has changed.

I bought the mini-dv camera, Amy has her bag packed, the cats are aware that "something" is happening soon. I think we're about as ready as we can be for now.

When the day arrives I'll post vitals and pictures.

Sean D.

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37 weeks and counting

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  • Thanks for the update. In my experience, there is definitely such a thing as too much grandparenting. You and Amy need some time to get your feet under yourself, without a lot of advice (and pressure). On the other hand, it can be very nice to have the grandparents around when you need a sitter. :-) And just the attention that more family members will give her. We lived a couple of miles from my parents when my older daughter was born. When the younger one was born, we were a thousand miles away. If
  • i'm glad to hear it. we've been blessed with 3 healthy kids, but it was nerve wracking every time. and now, when i let myself think about it, there are still all kinds of things to worry about. i guess that will never go away.

    my wife did one of the three natural- the other two she had the spinal deal (it's late and i can't think of it). i didn't get her desire to go natural. to me, it seems like going to the dentist and refusing any novacaine. i'm just not a proponent of hurting when you don't

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