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Journal AKAImBatman's Journal: The Commodore 64, now on OSNews! 2

It looks like my most recent article has made it to the front page of OSNews. As usual, the comments got off to a rocky start with the requisite grouch making half-baked arguments. Other than the political sub-thread he started, the comments have otherwise been very positive.

All in all, I think the coverage is kind of cool. Wouldn't you agree? :)

Edit: Almost forgot! One poster was kind enough to provide a link to this little hack. (And I do mean *little*!) Smitty, I think that one is for you? ;)

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The Commodore 64, now on OSNews!

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  • Love your blog, I've been reading for some time. I'd rather read great material infrequently than poor material frequently. Keep up the great work!
    • Thanks jambarama! It's sometimes hard to find enough time to write, so I'm glad that people still enjoy my work. No matter how infrequently. ;)

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