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"Spend more time with family"

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  • There are some very strange moves going on in the Democratic party which seem to be an attempt to make sure the 'right people' are in control so she can skate to the 2008 party nomination. No matter if any of those moves might damage the party in the long term or throw away one of the best opportunities to take back the house since the GOP took control in 1994.

    Not to mention that unless the GOP nominates Mark Foley in 2008 I just don't see how she wins. Best case that means we get President McCain, on the o
    • by ces ( 119879 )
      On the other hand it could just mean Warner realized he wanted something resembling a life during the next 10 years.

      After all if it was HRC trying to take Warner out of the game they would have either dropped the bomb this Summer or waited until after the election.
      • by sulli ( 195030 ) *
        "Spending more time with my family" is ALWAYS a code word for "got fired" or "was forced out". Anyone who is actually planning to spend more time with his/her family says something else - e.g. "returning to the private sector" or some such.
        • by ces ( 119879 )
          Yea that is what I thought too ... I mean he has to have known already that running for President was going to eat the next 2-10 years of his life.

          But some people I know who have access to the Warner inner circle assure me it really is that he wanted more time with his family.

          I'm sure we'll find out the real story soon enough. These things have a way of coming out and if other potential front runners drop out as well it starts to look like a trend.

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