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Journal blazin's Journal: [Ask subset of /.] 8

I've recently been informed that we have a little more budget left so we're trying to spend it on stuff to make things better here. I've been asked to look at info and pricing for Zend Optimizer, the Zend Load Balancer and some other Zend stuff.

Is there anything else you can think of I should have them consider for a PHP shop? This could be tools or software or something. It doesn't have to be 100% PHP focused, but it should be useful with PHP or with website design and programming (ala Photoshop, but we have that already).

Thank you much.

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  • Dual monitors? Or LCD monitors? Trackballs? Vibrating USB powered coffeemakers? :-)
  • I don't really like zend stuff, so we deal with better hardware (dual 19" monitors + soon laptops) rather then software that is... lacking imho.
    • by blazin ( 119416 )
      Could you elaborate? What do you not like about the software? I spent a bit of time talking to a Zend Engineer and a Zend sales person today and the software seems to be pretty impressive. At least from talking to them it sounds like it could solve some of our problems, but I'd like to know what you don't like.

      Thanks in advance.
      • by kormoc ( 122955 )
        Well, On the server side, it's a pain to maintain. When I installed it into /opt/Zend, it touched things all over the system, rather then letting me handle it. Now, that's likely my sa side comming out, but it didn't get things going very well. Packages in the repo (Fedora) confliced with things Zend touched, and just make life a little sadder.

        On the coding side, things mostly worked well. I didn't really like the feel of their IDE, and it's missing a bunch of features I would want, SSH/SFTP access to remot
        • by blazin ( 119416 )
          We're using Eclipse with PHPeclipse for the IDE, and I think if we do purchase any licenses for the IDE it will probably be only one or two for the integration with the monitor portion of Zend Platform. Eclipse does the SVN integration pretty well (with a plugin of course). I think the SSH/SFTP stuff can be done through plugins too, but I haven't had any luck with that at all. I've heard the newest Zend IDE does have SSH/SFTP, but I haven't confirmed it on my own.

          As far as the install, the Operations guy

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