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Journal guacamolefoo's Journal: Friends, Foes, and Freaks 2

I never really fooled much with the friends, foes, fans, and freaks stuff -- just basically ignored it. As it turns out, I have a few of each now. Just one "freak" though -- have to work on that.

I have no idea why I have been named friend, foe, freak, or fan by someone else, but to everyone: thanks for at least reading my comments. I generally try to avoid trolling, but because I almost never post as AC, I sometimes get modded that way. I have karma to burn, so there's no reason to hide from my opinions.

In any case, thanks for being interested enough one way or the other to mark me friend, foe, fan, or freak. If you think I'm an insufferable ass, please feel free to visit the journal from time to time to let me know.


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Friends, Foes, and Freaks

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