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Journal Maul's Journal: Car thieves suck.

Last month my stereo was stolen while my car was sitting in a mall parking garage. The sad thing is that it was parked in an area that typically has constant foot traffic because it was right by the entrance to the movie theaters. The car alarm was apparently useless. The San Diego Police Department are even more useless. They refuse to investigate incidents like these even though the mall security guard I talked to said that he was noticing increased incidents of theft and that it was likely somebody operating in the area. The police also refused to investigate even though I found something that was possible evidence (it appears that it might have been left by the theives).

Fast forward a month. Someone I know had his Integra stolen last week. Today it was "found."
By "found," I mean that they only managed to find the body of the car. Just about all the working parts of the car were gone. By now his engine is in some punk's Civic. The people who did this are apparently still loose on the streets.

In either case the police likely decided to move too slow, or not at all, to find these thieves.
I don't want the people who stole my stereo to be caught so I can get my stuff back. I want them caught so that they can get their asses thrown into the slammer.

Thieves who steal cars, car components, stereos, etc. are basically getting the green light by the police. While the police are working with Fuhrer Bush to take away the rights of working citizens in the sake of fighting "terrorism," they seem to have no inclination to even investigate these crimes of theft beyond putting the data down into a "log."

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success. -- Christopher Lascl