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Journal elmegil's Journal: my conspiracy theory take on Foley 8

Weird, isn't it, how ABC, a mere week or two after airing a miniseries that tried to completely re-write 9/11 history (as if the Republicans weren't responsible for distracting Clinton by dragging Whitewater & Monica through the press for years), is breaking a story that creates a HUGE media circus.

Weird, isn't it, how the story broke just about the time that a seriously flawed piece of legislation was passed, effectively rubber stamping the President's ability to torture whoever he wants by defining them as enemy combatants. Sure, John McCain has the President's word that he'd never ever contravene the Geneva Conventions, but I think it should be clear what the President's word is worth, and what his administration really thinks of the Conventions.

Here's my theory. ABC is still working with the Republicans, at least partly. They get to break a big story that appears to reinstate them as watchdogs of the public trust (after all, Foley did need to get pushed out). The ensuing media circus distracts from the really more significant issue of the day. Perhaps the republican house leadership gets further pulled into the story than they meant to, but in the end, it still looks like a win, and at least the Foley matter is something they can attempt to spin without looking like the torturing bastards they really want to be.

BTW "more significant" doesn't mean that Foley's conduct and the House leadership's inaction aren't significant. It's just that I think torture is a more significant and NEW problem for the republic. Foley just needs to get hoist on his own legislative petard to make another example for public hypocrites and predators.

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my conspiracy theory take on Foley

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  • You will note the astonishingly similar "Bush Wiggle Room" theme.

    The IMs that have Foley in hot water were to an 18 y/o. Game over. No charges. Everything's fine nothing to see here.
    • by elmegil ( 12001 ) *
      Wow, that's amazing. So he stepped down anyway? Many of his staffers/former staffers aren't saying these things? Even more reason then to suspect this is a storm in a teapot to distract from something else.

      As far as it goes, I didn't say it was MY theory. Clearly it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Of course, so was the idea that Clinton bombed people to distract from Monica-gate.

      • by elmegil ( 12001 ) *
        I didn't say it was MY theory

        Ok, yes I did, but I qualified it with "conspiracy theory". I did not say I belived it to be the unvarnished truth.

      • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
        Foley == McGreevy ... you'll see ... there's more afoot here. Everyone knew he was gay and everyone knew he was fond of younger flesh. There's a MUCH bigger secret being hidden.

        • by elmegil ( 12001 ) *
          You should break it for ABC and be a national hero! Obviously you wouldn't want to break the scoop here on slashdot.
  • isn't even Bush, though that's bad enough. It's not like this law sunsets on January 20, 2009. Bush could be the most honorable guy in the world, but I don't have the word of any asshat that comes after him that he'll be so amazingly responsible (in contravention of any historical precedent, with maybe one exception []) with it. I hated Clinton, but right now I look at his days with something approaching nostalgia. What if the next person is worse than the both of them put together?

    I would like anyone wh

    • by elmegil ( 12001 ) *
      I think it would be safer if we passed a law mandating that toddlers must carry firearms at all times than pass this one.

      I'm very glad that I still see eye to eye with some people around here :)

    • I think it would be safer if we passed a law mandating that toddlers must carry firearms at all times than pass this one.

      Great. Go and give the Confessor ideas whydontcha.


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