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Journal Nimrangul's Journal: OK stop. I get it. Some asshole lied. 1

It's that time again kitties, the OpenBSD release song and artwork has been published, but this time there is an extra song, which is found on the OpenBSD audio CD that contains all the release songs from 3.0 to 4.0. The songs, titled Humppa Negala and OpenVOX, are two rather different songs, while Humppa Negala is obviously a Humppa song OpenVOX is a hip-hopping explanation of how Ty Semaka and Theo de Raadt come together to make the release art and music. Both songs are available for download now in both .mp3 and .ogg vorbis formats from the OpenBSD site and if not already, will be on mirrors shortly. OpenVOX also deals with the current subject of the allegations against Intel. And man, why ain't there a topic option of OpenBSD? I am positive there are more OpenBSD users than GNUStep ones.
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OK stop. I get it. Some asshole lied.

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  • i never thought of that. there absolutely should be a unique openbsd section/topic id. but then again there is still an 'os 9' section and a 'quake 3' as well. but back to the topic at hand, the obenbsd group of developers put out enough interesting work that finds its way to various venues of discussion that it probably should have it's own topic id.

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